IT Job Seekers Workshop

The objectives of this full day workshop are to:
Help delegates to market themselves appropriately and effectively by:

  •  Assessment of their skills level using the IT Professional Standards Framework
  •  Use of social media as both a recruitment and marketing tool
  •  Knowing what IT employers are looking for and how to demonstrate this in a CV
  •  Looking at transferable competencies within the IT industry
  •  CV Peer Review workshop

Telephone Skills

When communicating with clients and potential customers on the telephone it is essential that the call handler is clear, coherent and professional at all times specifically because they cannot be seen. The iProTech Telephone Techniques course is designed to educate delegates on the essentials of representing their organisation in a polite, informative and professional manner.

Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of any organisation and satisfied customers are likely to return and/or recommend the organisation to others. Therefore our Customer Service course objectives are to:

  •  Develop delegates communication skills
  •  Deliver the essentials of Customer Services
  •  Provide advice on listening skills
  •  Explore techniques on exercising patience and providing customers with solutions

Time Management

Organisations suffer terribly as a result of staff who are unable to manage their workload due to poor time management. Not only does it put pressure on the organisation if targets aren’t met but also on the individual struggling with time management issues. The objective of this course is to provide delegates with:

  •  Skills and techniques on managing workload
  •  Provide a forum to openly discuss any past or present challenges
  •  Provide personalised solutions

Presentation Techniques

When confronted with the prospect of a presentation many of us quiver with fear! However, often our knowledge of the subject is sufficient and we are well qualified to present what we’ve been asked. The challenges with presentations are often a lack of confidence, an inability to mask ones fears and over complicated material.
The objectives of this course are to:

  •  Assess current delivery style and provide critique
  •  Provide techniques on how to overcome nerve issues
  •  Assess and improve how current presentation material is compiled and delivered

Succeeding in Interview

The objectives of this course are to:

  •  Help to decipher what potential employers are looking for based on their job description
  •  Present delegates skills and attributes in the most positive light
  •  Discuss any previous negative feedback and provide positive solutions