Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Manage your client relationships more effectively with our Microsoft Dynamic CRM Solutions. Our iProTech Consultants can customise an application to meet your specific business requirements at a fraction of the total cost of deploying large scale enterprise software.

Our solutions are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and can therefore lead to cost savings in addition to increased productivity of your business.

Next-Generation Outlook Client

Access your data through a web browser or seamlessly take advantage of the powerful features right within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

The Right Tool to Boost Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online provides people with simple, intuitive customer relationship management tools that work with familiar software so that sales, service and marketing people have less time in training.

Sales Productivity

Increase sales output and attain real-time sales visibility with powerful analytics and sales pipeline tracking.


Uncover data trends and customer insights with robust data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help you

Provide the right tools and information at the right time so that sales and service reps can meet each customer’s unique expectations in real time.

  • Improve workflow, simplify tasks, and get fast results.
  • Support customer-facing employees with solutions that are familiar, intelligent, and connected.
  • Facilitate adoption, improve communication, and get rapid results from solutions you invest in.
  • Use online access to drive down operational costs and amplify productivity with real-time CRM.

To find out more about our Dynamics CRM development solutions, call us now on 0207 183 7967 or email, a member of our customer services team will be able to assist you in arranging an initial appointment with one of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Specialists.