Why choose iProTech as your apprenticeship provider?

We work in conjunction with Lambeth and John Ruskin College to deliver quality training for each individual apprentice. Our apprenticeship model is combined with real world experiences and on the job training to provide your company with future business employees.

What is the structure of an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship lasts 1 year, the apprentice will usually spend 4 days a week at the office, or if the company take on a larger amount of apprentices are training team will go out to the company’s office to train them 1 day a week. At the training centre the teachers will take the apprentices step by step through the qualification.

What is the cost of hiring an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice is free! All you have to do is pay the wage of the apprentice, the government will give you a grant of up to £1,500 for up to 5 apprentices when you take them on.

What’s the minimum wage for an apprentice?

The minimum wage from October 2015 is £3.30 per week.

What is the age range of apprentices?

The minimum age is from 16 to 24. However when apprentices reach the age of over 19 the funding for an apprentice decreases.

What is the success rate of an apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship completion rate within iProTech is 100%. Nationally the completion rate is 75%.